It’s an opportunity for all colleagues to get together, whilst doing something fun, enjoyable and different in their working day. We deliver sessions that are accessible to all participants regardless of ability or experience in a choir/group singing.


We deliver contemporary and fun workplace choir sessions. We all know that life can be stressful and it is estimated that mental health problems can cost UK employers £26 billion every single year. This is an average of £1,035 per employee.

It’s a proven fact that singing in a choir or group can significantly reduce stress, therefore improving staff wellbeing, which in turn leads to more productive work and less time off.

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We know first hand what a difference a staff choir can make to the workforce. We deliver fun, engaging and accessible sessions which are open to anybody and everybody, regardless of ability. Our songs are uplifting, emotive and designed to help develop skills.

Not only is it something exciting and different to do during the working day, but it also strengthens bonds between colleagues. Singing is powerful and we want more people to experience it.

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Our clients include...

Quilter (NEW)
Solent Uni (NEW)


“Singing at work livens up the most stressful or dullest of days, I leave the session feeling invigorated and wishing we could sing together every day!”

Geraldine Johnson - Southampton Solent University

“I can’t tell you what an inspirational, uplifting and joyous effect our staff choir has had.”

Helen Rees - Marwell Wildlife

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