Learning Development

Bring the power of music into your workplace.

Music as a positive force for business

Music can be used as more than just a tool for increased wellness, the skills developed through music engagement can be profoundly valuable in a business context.

Our bespoke workshops are designed with each team’s priorities in mind, utilising music to enhance our presence, confidence and collaboration with others.

Self confidence

Through a varied set of music enhanced exercises build self confidence to benefit your work and your relationships with colleagues.

Presentation skills

Using music for communication development can be profound and can support better story telling, body language, sequencing and more.

Team cohesion

Research shows that music can promote cohesion quickly between unfamiliar colleagues by promotion collaborative and coordinated efforts towards a common intension.

Collaborative mindset

Music provides a vehicle to connect on a level often convoluted by words alone.

What we offer

We deliver in-person and online music sessions for business, charities and organisations across the UK. We work with you to understand your business and HR priorities, then build a programme tailored to your goals.

Team Building Workshop

Our bespoke workshops are designed to revitalise your team and establish greater social cohesion. Our interactive games and exercises support your team’s goals and provide you with valuable things to take back into the workday.

Professional Development

Our programmes match top workshop leaders with employees on a one-to-one basis to support professional development in a variety of aspects (depending on your needs) through music.

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