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Build a health-boosting daily singing habit with quick bite-size singing sessions tailored to you! 

Our app provides fun challenges and engaging exercises developed alongside music industry and education leaders that will make singing for your health easy. 

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👑 Play and compete with friends to get top of the leaderboard.

🏆 Earn points and badges to support you building your daily practice.

✅ Daily check-ins and weekly health tracking to show you how singing has improved your health and wellbeing over time.

We believe in the power of the human voice

“I can’t sing.” “I hate the sound of my own voice.” “I can’t sing in tune.” You might not believe us when we say that everyone can sing…

But singing is an intrinsic part of all of us. It’s so much more than just pleasure to our ears; it’s one of humanity’s oldest forms of communication, an opportunity to express a common emotion without words, it’s self expression, and it’s good for you!

There is mounting evidence that singing on a daily basis reduces stress and anxiety, improves lung health and can even slow the progression of neurodegenerative diseases. 

That’s why it’s our mission to get the whole world singing again.

Why us?

We are a group of singers and non-singers alike; a diverse team of passionate music lovers all deeply committed to our vision. Our first goal was to build a singing program that can help empower teams and communities to experience the health benefits of singing. Now we are developing an app that can build on our singing sessions and get people singing every day in a way that is accessible and engaging.

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