Want to build a workplace choir?

We offer an opportunity for employees to sing during the work day to break things up and bond with each other.

Need more convincing?

Hear what our clients say about their workplace choirs:
It is difficult to articulate how much SingForce is essential to my wellbeing. My work and home life are very full on and SingForce is the only thing I feel I do, for myself. I cannot express the role it plays, as well as the support and sense of belonging I feel I have from my SingForce family.
Southampton City Council
Singing after work really helps to relieve stress and makes a massive difference to my mood and stress levels. We are a very small group but gel together perfectly as singers.
I joined the SingForce group when I was struggling with my workload and mental health and found that it raised my spirits. I have since changed my job and no longer based in the civic so find joining on line better for me
Southampton City Council